A Gift from me, to you: MY SPRING 2017 BRIDAL PICKS

2017 is on the horizon, but I just cannot wait to share my favourite looks and trends projected for Spring next year. Showcasing From Karen, with lovemost-loved designers, who are big on romance, 3D florals, and feminine off-the-shoulder looks.




Julie Vino’s Napoli collection is the perfect representation of her stylistic vision as a designer. She’s known for combining classic elements of fashion with modern twists, and is heavily influenced by current fashion trends outside of Bridal wear. This collection is the epitome of romance, with a strong Greco-Roman presence in the necklines, and in the textures of her designs. And what better place to showcase this Bridal collection than in Naples, one of the oldest cities in the world; a true nod to 6th century BC Italy. I love.



We’re slowly turning up the romance, landing on Idan Cohen’s 2017 Bridal Collection. Israeli designer, Cohen is known for his high profile clientele (including the cast of Real Housewives of Tel Aviv) and his meticulous craft that leads to these luxurious feelings in his designs. This collection is just decadent, with delicate 3D floral appliques that are so very in this season. The gentle fluting in his designs, in the sleeves and trains, marries the relationship between romance and seduction as seamlessly as those lace appliques. The perfect Bridal collection, if you ask me.



We have now reached the whimsical aerials of Mira Zwillinger’s Whisper of Blossom collection– showcasing the Elsa gown. Where do I even start? This ballgown is so aptly named; it really is fit for a princess. Zwillinger’s eternal obsession with fairytale means she always ticks boxes when it comes to Bridal design. The light tulle is delicate, and the perfect material for brides who don’t like a heavy feel but still want wall-to-wall romance. These 3D floral appliques are also feather-weight, like blossoms have been thrown on them. And all finished off with a Rose quartz underlay- exhibiting another big trend for 2017 Bridalwear, with more brides daring to be pink.

You’re welcome.


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