You’ve had the most perfect day, with infinite amounts of tears and laughter, and long-lasting images of family and friends drunk dancing; but you don’t have anything to show for it. This is why 94% of couples regret not hiring a professional photographer for their big day. Personally, as a Wedding Planner, I don’t believe that just hiring any photographer is the best way to do it either; you need rapport, chemistry, and an understanding of each other’s styles.

It has taken me months to find my Wedding photography ‘top-pick’, who I wanted to be local, natural, and with the ability to capture a story; something which is central to From Karen, with Love’s values. Hours of scrolling, and emailing, and calling- but during some late night researching, I found her.

Georgia’s style really captivated me, and I found myself thinking “I’d love to be shot by her”, something which I hadn’t found with any of the photographers that had come before- so I just had to have a chat to find out more about Georgia Rachael Ainley and her work.


“I’m a part time photographer at present, but the aim for 2018 is to be full time as more inquiries come in.

I love shooting weddings because I love watching two people fall in love with one another all over again, multiple times in one day. It’s by far one of the happiest ways to spend your weekends.

I like capturing raw and emotive moments, and I find acting as a background piece throughout your day enables me to do this without interfering. We can then get creative and have a giggle when we go off for your couples photos and any group photos you request.

My favourite moment during a wedding is probably the speeches. Being an emotional person, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through a set of speeches without reacting either by laughing or crying myself. There is such a mixture of emotion during this time, I love it.”


“I specialise in a documentary / candid style of photography, which is mostly about documenting your day from afar, as it unfolds.

I provide clients with colour and black & white images, but I tend to provide them in one or the other. If I put a picture in black & white, it is because I see it working best that way, and I only want to provide you with the best of what I can offer.

I don’t have a second shooter as standard, but this is available as an extra to add to your collection. The second shooter would also be a professional photographer that does weddings in their own time.

My standard collection is a 10hour collection, so I’m there from start to finish – bridal prep to evening. I can stay longer in to the night if requested.

My standard package includes a pre-wedding engagement session free of charge – I recommend this to all my clients as a great little warm up for the big day. They also get one of my signature rose gold USB sticks with their photos on, packaged beautifully in a grey leatherette case, and a selection of 6 x 4” fine art prints.


“My couples will begin to get used to my methods from their engagement session. I like to stand far back, allowing you the room to get cuddly and intimate. I don’t want to be invasive or to put you off. I will make conversation with you, ask you questions to provoke a reaction such as “What’s your favourite thing about him?” or “What was the first thing you noticed about her that made you smile?”

(All Photo Credit: ; Georgia Rachael Ainley)

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