At From Karen, with Love, I pride myself on being able to create a linear but luxurious éclat based on the development of one image or idea. Creating mood-boards is central to the design element of Wedding Planning; and I like to practice by creating one everyday. I take my inspiration from Haute Couturiers, artists, eras, movies, and even songs as those are the places I tend to feel romantic influence. Take a little walk through my process of creating a mood-board that I have named: The colours of Havana.

ga595cb9d6649a6544f971c8ae17e2abfThis close-up of a Dior couture piece with pink & green details.
What do these colours remind you of?


The image of Havana, Cuba popped into my head (which is totally weird, since it’s a place I have never been). I researched, researched, researched and found many images that featured pink & green that were related to the Tropics of Cuba. So I knew then that I wanted to create a Wedding inspiration board centered on Tropical ambiance and flamboyance.

It is important to include as many images as possible that are relevant to the motif/theme (you can edit them later). Make sure to think of it as a concrete idea, and not just an abstract theme. Think of the textures of weddings and of the theme and try to include them as weddings are largely sensory experiences.





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