Recommended Supplier: Boomting Bunting

From the turn of the 17th century, the lightweight worsted wool known as ‘Bunting’ was manufactured and used for making signal flags for the Royal Navy. Since then, it has become a symbol for quintessential Britishness and is regularly seen at weddings and events.

One of my new idée fixes is Boomting Bunting; a mother-daughter run homemade and bespoke Bunting business based in Norfolk, UK. Their innovative designs have really energised traditional British weddings, and From Karen, with Love just had to find out about their backgrounds, their business, and their passions.

Untitled design (4).png



My Mum (Sarah) is basically my best friend, and we work so well together! When I was pregnant with my son Jonah, my mum tried to keep me busy and suggested making Bunting! As we made more and more we decided to hire it out and it snowballed from there!

I would say we are very diverse artistically and can create any style. I particularly love the bohemian look!

weddingWhy weddings – Because it’s a fairy tale! That fact that you can have and use so many different ideas and create such a show! Bunting is perfect for weddings because it can be in any colour, hang it anywhere, any style and it will always look amazing!

We love meeting the bride and groom and seeing their ideas! Meeting everyone that is involved in making the venue look spectacular!
capture(Prices from £22.50 for bespoke bunting- hire prices below*)

Delivering processes (Hire duration is 4 days) – We use a courier to deliver the bunting in plenty of time before the wedding ( enabling time to decorate how you wish) we then use the same courier to collect the bunting, as it was packaged and delivered to the client. We always talk to the client to discuss when would be best for them! We always try to make the process as easy for them as possible! We know weddings can be stressful!

Samples – We can create any samples! As long as we know we’ll in advance, due to the amount of work that goes into our Bunting!

How soon – We aim for it to be ready a month before the wedding (if it’s bespoke), as we ask for the final payment to be paid a month before the wedding too! If it’s to hire, it will be ready, but only delivered on the date discussed with the client!

Like their Facebook Page, or email to see more of their amazing work and to get in touch with enquiries:


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