The House of Ralph & Russo has done incredibly well in establishing a place for itself in Haute Couture history over the last decade, and unsurprisingly so. The British duo always create clean and feminine styles- ready for any classy event. This week, their Paris show filled me with so much Bridal inspiration, with a seemingly never-ending array of dresses!

Out of 55 runway looks, 54 of those were gowns: each one as different but opulent as the next. Ralph commented on the collection, stating that “The women of today have so many different faces, and so many women inspire us collectively, we really wanted to offer something for everybody.” These 8 gowns below are From Karen, with Love’s personal picks, each of which nod to a different 2017 Bridal trend prediction.


Untitled design (7).png


The colour geniuses at Pantone predicted that in 2016, coloured wedding gowns would be abundant; but what they didn’t tell us is that the trend would be here to stay for 2017. Mira Zwillinger & Naeem Khan have showcased romantic quartz in their collections, while Monique Lhuillier & Jenny Packham have championed the ‘something blues’.
These gowns are stunning but sexy in their simplicity, with light fabrics that are almost lingerie-like, deep v’s, and thigh splits. All trends to watch for 2017 Bridal wear.


captureUntitled design (9).png

The proof is in the details. Mixed media appliqués are stunning for summer weddings as they catch in the light and create a different dimension to your gown in photos. These lines are beguiling in their simplicity and work well with the splatterings of textured florals. 




These gowns really make you realise the kinds of works that are carried out in Ralph and Russo’s Hyde Park atelier. Ruffles on ruffles, and I love it. Textures can be used in their most minimal or ornate forms. This trend is not for the faint hearted, and is only really supposed to be used for inspirational purposes (if you would love a gown just like either of these, more power to you!)

View their full collection at Vogue


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