Recommended Supplier: Flamingo Amy Hair & Beauty

Twice a year since 1988, Norfolk sees a revival of the 1950s in all it’s rockabilly charm. The portmanteau of two different music genres It was there, at the world famous Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekender that hair stylist and makeup artist Amy found her love of styles from the Golden Ages.

Norfolk-based Amy’s looks are so polished and refined with an uncanny reference point that flicking through her portfolio was like looking at a movie reel from 60 years ago. The marriage of alternative aesthetics and dramatic femininity in her work just makes her the perfect stylist for nostalgic brides. I thought it was of vital importance that I introduce From Karen, with Love brides to the wonderful Flamingo Amy.


In terms of my style my signature is vintage, however, over the past 3 years I have created soft, tousled, and textured styles for brides as clients are looking for a more relaxed look at the moment

Yes, it is myself who styles the hair. I can sometimes find an assistant for larger bookings. In terms of illness I have so far carried out all my booking over the past 7 years regardless of weather I am ill or not. I don’t have a stand in but would endeavor to find someone as there is a good group of stylists in Norwich! (Amy travels to your chosen location up to 35 miles from Norfolk)


 Weddings are such a special occasion and it is wonderful to be part of someones day, even in a small way. There is an amazing feeling of satisfaction when you see your client all made up and ready in her dress at the end.
My favouirte part of doing make-up and hair is helping someone to feel confident and beautiful. I also love getting to know my clients and it’s great to meet people from different backgrounds and walks of life!


Wedding Hairstyling Prices 2017

Consultation No Charge
Trial for the Bride £85
2nd Trial for Bride (optional) £65

Wedding Day

Bride £100
1st Bridesmaid £60
2nd Bridesmaid £55
3rd Bridesmaid & each after £45
Bridesmaids 10 y/0 & younger On Quotation
Blowdry £30

*Amy requires the Bride to book plus at least 3 others for weddings on a Saturday April to September due to demand. For peak season weekdays (April-December) Monday to Thursday the minimum booking I require the Bride plus 1 other. For Saturday weddings Oct-March I require the Bride plus at least 1 other.

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