Recommended Supplier: Your Makeup by Victoria

Victoria Last on her wedding day

Following her career as a makeup artist for the last four years has been absolutely enchanting. From her masterly face charts, her cartoon makeup, to the avant garde drag makeup, Suffolk-Based Victoria Last is highly talented in her field. So, when we both happened to meet in the Wedding industry as professionals, it was kind of a no-brainer that I wanted to have her as my top recommended makeup artist. Here she talks to From Karen, with Love about her journey into the Wedding industry, her style, and her love of glamorous Brides!

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her-styleI have made up quite a few brides over the years and every single bride wants something different. Some go for a natural, some want full on glitz and glamour and others have even had Halloween themed makeup for their big day! However, I would say that most of my brides come to me for my glamorous style of makeup. I’m very big on flawless dewy skin, structured brows, smokey eyes with precise winged liner and a perfect lip. And very few brides will leave my makeup chair without a set of false lashes on!

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Although I have quite a signature style of makeup, I also pride myself on being able to adapt to what the bride wants, the best way for me to do this is to meet at the trial and get a verbal explanation of what the bride is thinking. I would then ask to see any images they may have found on sites like Pinterest.

her-processOnce I have an idea of the style and colour theme they are wanting, I may then ask to see images of themselves on a night out or at an occasion where they have done their own makeup so I can get a clear understanding of how they are comfortable having their makeup, because after all I wouldn’t want to go and give them a full on structured Brow when they actually just prefer to have their eyebrows softly defined. Once we have had a chat, I would then create a look and ask the bride to look at themselves afterwards, that is then their chance to say what they would keep, what they would change etc. This is then all noted down for me to refer back to on the day.


At the moment it is just me working on my own. I basically don’t get ill, it would just be a great inconvenience for everybody. I feel like even if I was on my death bed I would still find a way to get to that bride to do her face for her special day! However, if I ever was unable to make the wedding day, I am in contact with a few very trusted makeup artists that would be able to step in last minute.

On the day of the wedding, I travel to wherever the bride is getting ready which is usually at home or at the venue. Makeup application takes around 45 minutes per person.


I dip in and out of different parts in the makeup industry as I like to experience new things all the time but weddings are my all time favourite to do! When I left my course 6 years ago, weddings weren’t actually the route I wanted to go down- I kind of just fell into it, but I’m so glad that I did!

I think every bride will agree with me that getting ready in the morning is the best part of the day, surrounded by your closest girls and guys drinking Prosecco and having a pamper before the day starts, and I just love being a part of that.

I also get a huge sense of pride when I look at the images of the bride after the day knowing that I had the honour of helping her to look and feel amazing on one of the best days of her life.


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