What 8 of GQ’s best dressed men can teach you about suit fashion:

Men, I’ve been told you’re secretly reading these blogs; so I feel it would be rude not to accommodate you!

GQ’s most stylist man of the year is one of, if not the biggest, fashion honour a male celebrity can be granted. Often, many of the men work in the fashion industry (celebrities who are designers themselves, models, or just fashion show fiends); but sometimes the accolade is presented to unsuspecting men with style.

These men teach us all of us who appreciate suit style a great lesson about taking risks, personal style, and the understanding of trends while upholding important traditions. These following lessons can be and should be applied to every man who is looking to buy a wedding suit (be you a groom, a groomsman, a bridesman, or a guest).


1Untitled design (13).png

British model David Gandy loves a double-breasted suits, and so do I. I think they’re classic, flattering, and incredibly masculine and if I were to choose a wedding suit, it would be double-breasted.
They typically have 6-8 external buttons, although I would recommend 2-4 external buttons with the bottom button left undone if you stand below 5ft 9″. If you want to wear this style, it would be wise to go and have a proper fitting as you want it to be properly fitted across the shoulders and chest (it doesn’t look pretty if you have bunching or gaping)


11Untitled design (14).png

Beard Scentster and grooming specialist, Jack Guinness does quintessential British fashion…and what is more quintessentially British than tweed.  His stylistic confidence and risk-taking with this fabric is something that all men should channel when going to buy a wedding suit.

I don’t believe that wearing tweed should have rules, and I don’t want to live in a world where there are tweed rules. Mix greys, browns, large checks, small checks, greens- just experiment and channel your inner English Gent!


111Untitled design (18).png

Skinny suits are a cyclical fashion trend and look clean, chic, and urban when done the right way. Rapper A$AP Rocky demonstrates how you can dress up a seemingly casual fit of suit trouser, and I highly recommend that you try a skinny leg suit-especially if you already live in skinny trousers/jeans.
The typically relaxed fit of suit trousers can sometimes look unbecoming on men with slimmer legs so it’s important to experiment with what suits you.

Skinny suits don’t tend to be that different to regular suits, and there’s not much to watch out for except for how it fits you (see bunching & gaping) and materials (you’re looking for something breathable like cotton. Cheap ones often use poly-blends that can be stifling)


112Untitled design (19).png

Not much to say on this one (hello Bradley Cooper!),but also simultaneously…everything to say.  Black tie fashion has rules. Strict rules. So if you’re planning or attending a Black tie wedding, chances are you’ll come across the cummerbund.

Arguably, the most important rule of Black tie menswear is that you must cover your waist. The cummerbund is the traditional formal waistwear, and must also be worn in the same material as your lapel (satin, silk, or grosgrain). I like the sense of ceremony of this piece of formal wear, and I feel it looks much smarter than a waistcoat.


1.JPGUntitled design (20).png

For summer weddings and winter weddings alike, a neck scarf is a really great accessory.
Ignoring the fact that ties have been largely rendered useless by the invention of the top button, they are also so uncomfortable in hot weather!
Film maker and spouse of Elton John, David Furnish often wears neck scarves as an alternative to ties, and as an accessory! I suggest you check out this infographic on 6 ways to tie a neck scarf to see how to team it with your wedding suit.


11Untitled design (21).png

House of Waris designer Waris Ahluwalia is a fan of a light material suit, probably influenced by his Indian heritage. Linen is a great material for beach and summer weddings, but can often leave you looking like a wrinkled sack of potatoes if you’re not careful with the fit.

Keep it snug around the shoulders and waist, with a trim jacket and that will help minimise the crinkling of the material after sitting down for a while. Waris shows us that linens don’t have to be white and outdated- an ash or plum suit is also perfect for a relaxed occasion!



Irish boxer Conor McGregor is known for being bold; in life, in the ring, and stylistically.
He frequently takes fashion risks, but not without the aid of his tailor, Louis Copeland- something which suit fiends can thank him for.

Copeland always styles McGregor in a waistcoat as he doesn’t seem to wear his suit jackets for long. A waistcoat is the perfect tool for men who want to turn up to the event in their jackets, but want to loosen up a bit later on in the day. The reason? Let me spell it out for you: would you rather take your suit jacket off after an entire wedding ceremony  to reveal a crumbled shirt, or a clean and fresh waistcoat?



Self-confessed Classic Man and hip hop artist, Jidenna is all about era-dressing. He describes his style as “heavily inspired by the Harlem Renaissance with hints of traditional West African design.”
Gatsby weddings are an up and coming trend, and I see this prohibition-based style as perfect for those occasions; pocket watch and all.

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