Find your dream engagement ring: Diamonds

Happy Valentine’s day all!

Diamonds are forever; so make sure yours is perfect. According to the Tiffany’s guide to diamonds, you’re looking for five things: cut, clarity, carat, colour – and presence.
Your diamond does not need to be huge to be valuable; infact, the larger ones tend to be more poorly cut than the perfectly symmetrical modest sized ones.
The symmetry and cut of the diamond affects the carat weight and the clarity, and poor clarity in turn gives the diamond a coloured tint to it (which we don’t want).  The presence of a diamond is dependent on the first four factors. You can then have your perfect shaped diamond in an array of different styles: halo, vintage, solitaire, cluster.

Have a little walk through my engagement ring world and see if you can find the perfect engagement ring for you today.


Round cut diamonds allow for the optimum amount of facets (flat faces) in a stone- which is 58. Those who choose a round cut diamond love classic brilliance, timeless style, and tradition.

Untitled design (26).png

I love a lil’ bit of cushion for the pushing. They are super romantic and soft, and can avoid looking harsh or ostentatious due to the velvety finish, and those who choose this cut are equally as romantic and soft

Untitled design (27).png

If you have a flair for drama and want those “ooooh’s” when you show off your engagement ring, a marquise cut is the perfect shape for you! This cut of diamond is the only one, in my personal opinion, that looks outstanding in a cluster and as a solitaire ring.

Untitled design (28).png

The confidence and edge that it takes to wear a heart shaped diamond, and I applaud that. This cut has obvious symbolism, is stunning and original, and I would love to see more of these!

Untitled design (29).png


My personal favourite cut of ring (hint hint!) For people who don’t conform to norms or rules. This shape is feminine and sophisticated, but also modern and edgy. They are also  the perfect shape for stacking engagement, wedding, and eternity rings.

Untitled design (30).png

These are only a fraction of diamond cuts; and I have barely even scratched the surface of the extent to engagement rings. If you are not a diamond person, precious stones are a great alternative- one I will be exploring in a later blog post! x

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