Recommended Supplier: Bracken & Twine

first-shoot-13(photography: Megan Duffield Photography)

When meeting a Wedding professional to book their services, you want them not only to assure you that they are a reliable and valuable service, but surely you want them to inspire and excite you about your upcoming nuptials! For this reason, I renamed Katy Rayner, the mastermind behind Bracken & Twine Flowers, ‘el Duende’ – known in Hispanic cultures as the spirit of evocation who can move you with its art.

The love of her work, and of nature itself makes her floral arrangements completely inimitable and I am honoured to introduce her to all From Karen, with Love couples. Take a walk with me through the Bracken & Twine.

Untitled design (32).png

My name is Katy or some people know me as Kit. If you ask my friends and family they would describe me as a creative and nature loving geek! I’ve always been this way since I was a child; I loved nurturing my little allotted flower bed my parents gave me and I instinctively wanted to make little posies using the flowers I so attentively looked after, arranging them in little jugs and trinkets. It was inevitable that I would follow the path towards a creative career that I live and breath.

I’m married to Ben and we have two little ones, Arya and Eli. At every opportune moment we like to go on nature adventures and play hide and seek among the Bracken. Just the other day my 3 year old, Arya stumbled across a carpet of snowdrops said enthusiastically “this is AMAZING!” and inside I melted and laughed at the same time as she imitates my feelings towards flowers.

captureI’ve been a florist for almost 12 years. I absolutely adore wedding flowers and last year I made a bold move to become a freelance florist specialising in wedding styling. Each and every wedding I’m presented with I treat as though it where a close friend or family member getting married. I work closely with each couple so I can master their brief but also help them with ideas, making their flowers special on the day.

Bracken and Twine’s style is very romantic and natural, working with seasonal flowers and foliage is my absolute favourite. A good variety of texture and form is a great basis in which I create a design. I like to add elements of nature; as of late I’ve have used pheasant feathers, Catkins and seedpods. I can tailor to most themes; may it be romantic with soft hues and beautiful blousy roses or bohemian with cascading foliage and whimsical florals!



captureThere have been so many good things that have happened over the last twelve years. I’ve met so many different people, worked alongside talented folk and gained many friends along the way. I’ve had colleagues and family members who have guided and helped me on so many levels. I never thought in a millions years I would start my own business venture and I owe a lot of it to those people. I’ve grown the confidence to branch out and I think that is what I’m most proud of.

Untitled design (33).png


captureI actually warm towards a more intimate and informal wedding. I love outdoorsy occasions, somewhere remote and intertwined with nature – a babbling brook, trees and some ducks! Or a wild meadow with some hay bales and a tractor. Somewhere peaceful.

First shoot-149.jpg
From Karen, with Love & Bracken and Twine will work collaboratively on your theme and venue dressing to give you the perfect effect on your big day! Get in contact with us now for a bespoke quote and availability.

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Photography by Megan Duffield Photography, Norfolk-based photographer.




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