Wedding Inspo

Dear brides and grooms to be,

My wedding day has been something I’ve always put a lot of thought into. Even from a young age when I was a naive, quiet, young girl who still thought boys had ‘cooties’, I would sit with my friends and discuss what our perfect days would consist of. Admittedly, at this age, my dream wedding involved hiring out the whole of Disney world and having the ceremony in front of the iconic castle. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realised this is probably not realistic and I like to think I have transcended those childhood fantasies (although, secretly, I wouldn’t turn it down if the opportunity were to occur!)

Untitled design (5)

Now in my early twenties and in a stable, happy relationship, I have learned the importance of compromise. Luckily for us, my partner and I both have identical tastes in likes and dislikes so I can’t imagine the planning of our wedding would cause too many arguments! So, if he ever gets around to popping the question (hint, hint) my dream wedding would go a little something like this:

A stunning, traditional, very English, country house, surrounded by beautiful gardens and flowers. My wedding would take place in July on a perfect summers day (am I allowed to be that fussy?), the room in which the ceremony takes place will be quaint, with huge windows to let all the natural light in, on the ceiling there will be fairy lights which slightly hang down and create the effect of stars at night.

My dress will be traditionally white, and covered in delicate lace (think Kate Middleton-esque). There’s an independent wedding dress boutique in my hometown (Nell’Amore) which sells the most gorgeous elegant dresses; I’ve been eyeing them up since the store opened quite some years ago.

Untitled design (3)

The evening reception will take place in a large marquee in the gardens with all my favorite people to enjoy the evening with. It will be decked out with Boomting Bunting, as recommended by Karen, to stick with the quintessentially British theme. There will also be a pick ‘n’ mix corner and a pizzeria which I think adds a nice change to the typical wedding buffets.

Untitled design

Of course, the above all assumes that money would be no obstacle;  but a girl can dream, right?

Love, Ashleigh Hamman xoxo

Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

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