Recommended Supplier: Knife of Brian

Finding a caterer that is not only adaptable and understanding of your needs, but who is exciting and innovative isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, Suffolk-based Brian Pow lives for the trade and for the food, and it translates. From his mouth-watering recipes on his blog to his excellent barbecue catering, he’s the perfect chef for a large summer event or wedding- and he comes complete with glowing testimonials!

Accompanying his passion for cooking, is Brian’s love of teaching; and this year he’s putting it into practice with Knife of Brian’s classes & workshops. With forthcoming classes like ‘I like fish, but i’m just not confident with what to do with it’, and ‘cooking wholefoods like those girls do on the telly’, there are a million ways to get Brian involved for your event today. Take a little gander at From Karen, with Love’s Q&A.


Tell me about yourself- who is Knife of Brian?

I am a chef. That’s what I have done since I left school. I trained classically at Suffolk College before heading to France to finish my apprenticeship. I’ve worked as a catering manager, restaurant manager, Event planner, Cookery instructor and librarian (true story). The website,, was originally designed as a cookery resource for some of my students when I was teaching cookery at the local college. Once I left I developed it into a blog, which has since been published on trade websites, and it has since grown into the catering business that it is today.

What types of cuisines are your favourite to cook?

I love cooking all types of food. I particularly like food which makes people smile, emotive food. I want to serve food which reminds people of great home cooked meals. Food with heart. I really enjoy cooking from Ottolenghi. Their dishes are full of flavour and soul.

How many events do you tend to do per month?

I only take on one event per month. I work full time as head chef at Gastropub which takes up a lot of my time and I enjoy it very much. Just doing a single event each month allows me to give 100% across the board

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Can you create a menu that specialises in certain types of food- gluten free/organic/locally sourced/halal etc?

All my menus are custom designed to each individual client. That’s what makes me different. I find out what’s wanted via 1-2-1 consultations and take it from there. Dietary requirements are always accommodated.

I also only use premium, quality ingredients. Part of my work is to promote healthy eating and making the right food choices. I work with Charity organisations to encourage people who have stuggled in these areas and with people who want to improve this area of their lives.

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If you were to work alongside any celebrity chef, who would it be, and why?

My original hero was Marco Pierre White. His brilliant cookbook “White Heat” is still a masterpiece and the dishes he produced in the early 90’s were well ahead of their time.

What types of events are your favourite to work and why?

Corporate events are always more fun for a caterer. Weddings give the most satisfaction, but are the most stressful. Private dining is always enjoyable too. They give a real opportunity to engage with the clients directly.

If you were to give couples and clients advice about booking catering for their event, what would it be?

Trust your caterer. We know what we are doing. You may do this once in your lifetime, we do this every week.

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*All wedding catering is custom. As are the prices. But to give you an idea, an informal BBQ for a wedding would start at £20per person. A three course wedding breakfast starts from £35pp

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