Goddess Gathering; fostering sisterhood and feminine creativity.

I was once told by a guy, who got a very unrelenting and unapologetic telling off, that the reason women “don’t succeed in life” is because we are ‘bitchy’. Firstly, how dare you erase the challenges women have to face in a patriarchal world in order to succeed; and secondly, women find themselves as each other’s opposition due to the ways in which our misogynistic world tells them to value themselves and the approval of men above their sisters. Despite the damaging behaviours and thoughts we’ve internalised, it’s time to reverse the effect.

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When women come together and support each other, magic in its purest entirety occurs- to make a raw statement, it’s not a coincidence that women who spend a lot of time together start synchronising cycles! However, our isolation from other productive and supportive women is what causes a lot of emotional and mental health issues. Many of us experience the ‘triple shift’, where we take on professional work, childcare, and emotional leg work too- and it is important that we create these opportunities to be unapologetic about our femininity in order for stress to alleviate and for creativity to take its place.

This is where the Goddess Gathering comes in. It will be a monthly event for all types of women to meet, connect, and to foster creativity with the aid of sisterhood. You might be a new mum just looking to get out of the house, a businesswoman looking to network, a graduate who has just come back from university and is feeling lost, or an introvert who is looking to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Whatever type of woman you are, there is a place for you.

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Every month there will be a new theme, an opportunity for women to showcase their businesses, interests, and philosophies by guest speaking (which will be promoted on the From Karen, with Love blog). There will also be activities such as cocktails in the dark, vegan food tastings, reiki healing, Bob Ross paint parties, wine tasting, whisky and women meetings (YOU NAME IT); plus a gift bag to take away which fits the month’s theme.

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get in touch if you would like to find out more information at fromkarenwithlove@outlook.com


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