Afropunk/Coachella: 2017 Trends as told by Fashion’s most coveted Festivals

Décolletage, with a double D

1 (1)

Necklines have been plunging year after year and I’m cheering on its downfall. “Elegancia y sensualidad son dos conceptos que no estan renidos” – elegance and sensuality are two concepts that are not at odds. They have to be mixed and I’m all for it. This particular bohemian-style dress (pictured above) is the Pretty Pineapple Dress, which can be found on

 Off the scale: Fishnet Tights


Following the risque trend of the deep v, comes the equally salacious fishnet tights. As far as an item of clothing can go, fishnet tights have a racy past; and it’s that exact racy nature that makes them the perfect peek-a-boo undergarment to an understated outfit.


 Let’s get physical: Sports-Luxe


Game on. Sports features are fully on trend, and in my opinion, have been on trend since the days of TLC and Aaliyah. We’re talking tuxedo stripes, tracksuits, sports bras, and sports jerseys. However, the key is to glam it up enough that you don’t…actually look like you’ve been doing sports.

Bedroom eyes: Lingerie as an outfit


 I love for bedroom wear as an outfit. Singer Rihanna is known for leaving hotels wearing a slip, a babydoll, bundles and bundles of lace and satin, teamed with a pair of slingbacks and a gorgeous jacket. One of my favourite trends.


 Leather leather leather


Leather is a classic, luxe fabric that adds a ‘bad bitch’ element to the most syrupy sweet of outfits. I understand that when you’re hot and dancing at a festival, you might not want to be rocking leather everything, but leather appliques, trims, or panels are a good alternative to the brave full throttle style.


 Crochet Queens


In recent years, crochet is to summer what florals are to spring- a habitual familiarity. The trend is helped by fashion’s obsession with the 60s and 70s, and it’s bohemian feeling.


 Livin’ on a flare!


As well as it has served me in recent years, the skinny jean has served its purpose in my life; like they are versatile and easy but they are basically the legging of the denim world- and I don’t wear leggings to an event. For this reason, I have fallen in love with the costumey-feel of a flare trouser. They make your legs longer, your waist slimmer, your bum perkier- anyway let me stop because you wont get it until you try it.


Tribal and Glitter Facepaint


Okay, it’s day 3 of the festival, you are looking tired but you don’t have the patience to do your whole beauty routine, so you know what you can do? Just paint or glitter the hell out of yourself. Bags? Glitter. No eyebrows? Glitter. Greasy roots? Glitter. Hangover? Glitter.


 70s in swing: Fringe


Fringe is having a well-deserved moment of fame outside of the Wild West and I only wish it the best on its way to global esteem. It’s fun, you can shake and you look good in a boomerang video, and it again encompasses my favourite eras of fashion; the 60s and 70s.

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