7 Different Tent Types For Your Wedding Reception

CaptureKatherine Hudson, the owner of The Pearl Tent Company, once wisely said “The Pearl Tents are to Architects what The Arabian Tents are to Interior Designers.” Inspired by the traditional tents of the Mughal empire, these tents are designed to create an air of decadance with their tall ceilings and exaggerated peaks. They are perfect for couples who are intending to incorporate towering structures or centerpieces, or hanging decor elements. My recommended suppliers of these tents, who all provide extra services which are very worth looking at, are: The Pearl Tent Company, Baya Hire, and The Arabian Tent Company.

pearl tentpearl tent (1)pearl tent (2)




CaptureTraditional Native American tents, giant-hat tipis are similar to Pearl Tents in that they are an atmosphere-creator in themselves with their tall peaks. They are incredibly flexible, and suit many different types of rustic and bohemian styles, while maintaining a formality. They can be hired in multiple kungsörnen (which I believe is the nordic term for these giant hats, but I mean don’t hold me to it or anything) to allow you to have bigger spaces to entertain more guests or to have different areas for dancing, dining, and chilling. My recommended suppliers for these tents are: Beautiful World Tents, Sami Tipi, or Magical Tipis if you are looking for a supplier local to East Anglia.

big hat (1)big hatbig hat (2)



CaptureI’m mad for a ceremony arch or tipi. I think framing the moment where you say “I do” can really elevate the romance, and I also find them to be really unique. Many arbours and ceremony tipis have religious or cultural significance (representing divinity, the home, and protection), but others are just a pure decorative joy! These are perfect for bohemian weddings, and can be adorned with flowers, greenery, or even festoon lighting or fabrics. I only have one recommended supplier for this type of tent, which is our very own Little Lending Company based in Norfolk (Pictured in the last photo as photographed by another lovely local wedding photographer, Darina Stoda).
nakednaked (1)naked (2)



CaptureIn 1979, sailmaker Steve Sperry built the first-ever Sperry Tent using his fabric design skills and the materials available in his sail loft, Sperry Sails. Only a few decades later, this design has evolved into an international revolution of tents (yes, I’m very passionate about wedding tents if you hadn’t clocked by now). The only way to have an authentic Sperry Cloth tent…is to buy one from the Sperry family, which is now managed by Steve Sperry’s son, Matthew in Massachusetts. You can however, buy many sailcloth tents which create these beautiful stretched exteriors and allow for a lot of natural lighting to get in, from My recommended local supplier: Events Under Canvas.

sperrysperry (2)sperry (1)

CaptureStretch tents are an amazing alternative to marquees, providing excellent functionality with a bedouin-inspired aesthetic. They make it possible to have a venue that is both intimate, while also allowing for the creation of a stunning outdoor space perfect for extra seating, catering, or a cocktail hour. They are also perfect for summer weddings as they act as a canopy without the stuffiness that can come with full coverage. My recommended local suppliers are: Tentickle, and Suffolk Marquees; but if you’re looking for a company who specialises in that style, who better than The Stretch Tent Company.

sperry (3)sperry (4)sperry (5)
CaptureOriginating from the grassy plains of Central Asia, Yurts are round tents covered in felt, usually with a self-supporting roof structure. The one pictured below was designed by the Bride and Groom, Pip (an Architect) and Lou (a Set Designer), and then created by Henry at Yurt Maker. The breath-taking interior really calls for no work at all, and I love how it was styled and decorated for this wedding. However, these Moroccan structures lend really well to Moroccan decor like lamps, throw cushions and rugs, and drapings. Yurt Maker and Wedding Yurts.

sperry (7)sperry (8)sperry (6)




CaptureFinally, the classic marquee. These are gorgeous, quintessential, and also a clean canvas that work with any type of decor. I don’t really feel the need to talk up, or describe the amazing features of a marquee because I’m pretty sure we’ve all been inside one before, but I do truly believe they are great for weddings and very British. Finally, to wrap the ribbon round the edge of the board, clear marquees are perfect for people who want to feel intimate but outdoors at the same time. Suffolk Marquee Hire and Miller Marquees are our first-rate and highly esteemed marquee suppliers.

sperry (10)sperry (9)sperry (11)

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