7 Ways to make your Christmas table Instgram-Worthy

Anyone who follows my instagram page for wedding planning and wedding style inspiration already knows I am a self-proclaimed “Table-phile”. I cannot get enough of a beautifully set table, and with the holiday season in full flow,  Instagram is a goldmine for showing off your #tablescapes. If you’re wondering how to dress the perfect table, there is an algorithim, and I will walk you through it.

It is a basic start, but it’s important. Are you hoping for a boozy time with lots of laughter and cross-conversations or a quieter, luxe evening? Tables with space and contrasting colours and shades create a more dynamic atmosphere than those with muted colours, which are lit by candlelight. Tiny details, such as individual salt and pepper pinch pots, are also a key component in creating a relaxed atmosphere where people don’t have to yell to pass the salt. If you don’t have a dining table, you can still attempt to dress a table for decor purposes (like this stunning dessert table above) using a coffee table for drinks, sharing boards, or desserts.


Adding some simple elements from the outdoors, either in their natural state or embellished — like leaf garlands, pinecones or rosemary — looks beautiful without being fussy or overworked.  You can also collate a variety of these in order to make a centerpiece which acts as a talking point without being obstructive to the functionality of the table, or to the conversations.


Create a full table setting—glassware, dinnerware, flatware, centerpieces, the works!—as opposed to just having guests grab a plate and dish up when it comes time to eat. Styling each place at the table ahead of time will make your guests, and instagram feed feel taken care of and ultra-sophisticated.

1Untitled design.jpg

We love red, green, and white christmas…don’t get me wrong. But if you’re looking to step out of the box, above are two great examples of how to do modern, but festive christmas tablescapes.


Pairing dark colors with a vibrant table, or a dark table and crockery with vibrant colours from your food like this one helps to “punch up that rustic feel”. If you have a dark table, I recommend offsetting it with candlelight and sparkly decor, or pastel colours.


Calligraphy artist, Kristara shows us every year how to purchase and create inexpensive decor points to create a wow-factor table. You can do beautiful and simplistic on quite a small budget as long as your theme is cohensive, your colour palette is well-developed, and everything is well placed.


1‘Tis the season to carefully plan your posts. While Instagram has a multiple image feature now, the ability to spam people remains the same. Just be smart and patient about this.


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