Afropunk/Coachella: 2017 Trends as told by Fashion’s most coveted Festivals

Décolletage, with a double D Necklines have been plunging year after year and I'm cheering on its downfall. "Elegancia y sensualidad son dos conceptos que no estan renidos" - elegance and sensuality are two concepts that are not at odds. They have to be mixed and I'm all for it. This particular bohemian-style dress (pictured …

Recommended Supplier: Knife of Brian

Finding a caterer that is not only adaptable and understanding of your needs, but who is exciting and innovative isn't as easy as it sounds. However, Suffolk-based Brian Pow lives for the trade and for the food, and it translates. From his mouth-watering recipes on his blog to his excellent barbecue catering, he's the perfect chef for a large summer event or wedding- and he comes complete with glowing testimonials!