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Social Media Manager and Blogger, Ashleigh Hamman has graced From Karen, with Love's blog to talk dream weddings...if money was no obstacle! She talks Disney World, Princess Kate, and Boomting Bunting- come check it out!

From Karen, with Love’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gifts that don’t suck!

Wedding Gifts can be a source of anxiety for many guests when they aren't presented with a gift wish-list by the intended newlyweds! Us guests are guilty of falling back to safety nets like champagne, gift cards, or even kitchen appliances! How about actually spoiling the happy couple with something they can cherish forever and that doesn't totally suck?! Check From Karen, with Love's ultimate picks for all sorts of couples.

Recommended Supplier: A Little Joy Handmade

Anything that comes in garland form is alright by me; bunting, ribbon, whatever! But these little felt creations have really changed the game of home and venue decor. From darling felt initials, which are perfect for baby showers and whimsical weddings; to cheerful garlands which can brighten up a summer garden party or outdoor event, Lucy Dye can introduce something very fun and indeed joyous to your event!

Vernal Equinox: Spring Wedding Inspiration

March Equinox- also known as the first day of spring welcomes lighter evenings, and romantic sunsets. Take a walk through the wildflower and blossoms for some spring wedding inspiration!

Sláinte is táinte!- Irish Wedding Traditions to feature on your big day

We all know the Irish are incredibly patriotic, and live in tradition- and rightly so after centuries of having their cultural identities erased and disputed. If you or your partner are Irish, or of Irish descent and proud, you might want to showcase some of these amazingly beautiful, historic, and downright lucky traditions on your wedding day.

Recommended Supplier: Bracken & Twine

Katy Rayner, the mastermind behind Bracken and Twine Flowers should be known as 'el duende' - the spirit of evocation for her amazing floral works. Check out her talented, personalised and whimsical work here

10 unique and mismatched Bridesmaids outfits

Laid back, fun, and full of personality; that's the spirit of the trend of mismatched bridesmaids outfits. Gone are the days where Brides impose one style on all of their BFF's, and gone are the days where a full length gown is the 'in' thing. Perhaps you're the type of bride whose friends don't buy into … Continue reading 10 unique and mismatched Bridesmaids outfits


    The House of Ralph & Russo has done incredibly well in establishing a place for itself in Haute Couture history over the last decade, and unsurprisingly so. The British duo always create clean and feminine styles- ready for any classy event. This week, their Paris show filled me with so much Bridal inspiration, with … Continue reading RALPH AND RUSSO: PARIS 24/01/17

Recommended Supplier: Boomting Bunting

From the turn of the 17th century, the lightweight worsted wool known as 'Bunting' was manufactured and used for making signal flags for the Royal Navy. Since then, it has become a symbol for quintessential Britishness and is regularly seen at weddings and events. One of my new idée fixes is Boomting Bunting; a mother-daughter run … Continue reading Recommended Supplier: Boomting Bunting

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