Recommended Supplier: A Little Joy Handmade

Anything that comes in garland form is alright by me; bunting, ribbon, whatever! But these little felt creations have really changed the game of home and venue decor. From darling felt initials, which are perfect for baby showers and whimsical weddings; to cheerful garlands which can brighten up a summer garden party or outdoor event, Lucy Dye can introduce something very fun and indeed joyous to your event!

Recommended Supplier: For Keeps by Amie

Calligraphy is an honest art, and an underrated one in my opinion. It reminds me a lot of Japanese Ensō art which exists when the hand and mind are uninhibited enough to bring something creative into existence. Anyway, I'm sure it's much more disciplined than I imagine but Amie Childs, creator of For Keeps by Amie, … Continue reading Recommended Supplier: For Keeps by Amie

Vernal Equinox: Spring Wedding Inspiration

March Equinox- also known as the first day of spring welcomes lighter evenings, and romantic sunsets. Take a walk through the wildflower and blossoms for some spring wedding inspiration!

Sláinte is táinte!- Irish Wedding Traditions to feature on your big day

We all know the Irish are incredibly patriotic, and live in tradition- and rightly so after centuries of having their cultural identities erased and disputed. If you or your partner are Irish, or of Irish descent and proud, you might want to showcase some of these amazingly beautiful, historic, and downright lucky traditions on your wedding day.

Recommended Supplier: The Little Horse Box

From Karen, with Love had the opportunity to speak to the ever-charming Liddy Goodrum, the owner of an equally charming horsebox-cum-luxury mobile bar. We have fallen in love with its charisma and would love to welcome The Little Horse Box to our recommended suppliers!

5 (Easily Forgotten) Things to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Author: Georgia Rachael Photography. Booking yourself a wedding photographer is a big deal and probably one of (if not the) most influential parts of your big day. A lot of Brides think they’ve got it all figured out and know exactly what they’re looking for in style, price and coverage from their dream tog. But there’s a few surprising things that a lot of us forget to consider.

Wedding Photos of the Month – (February)

10. Golden Days Photography  9. Andy Gaines Photography 8. Jordan Voth Photography  7. Theilen Photography 6. Eden Willow Photography  5. Bruno Rezza Photography  4. Jordan Voth (again) 3. The Kitcheners Photography  2. Wertvoll Fotographie  1. Jordan Voth Photography (yes, i know...again!)

5 Top Wedding Makeup Tips from MUA Victoria Last

A lot of you may know that you want someone to do your makeup on your big day but some of you probably don't know where to start looking for a makeup artist, or even what look you want to go for. I'm going to list my top five tips on how to go about finding a makeup artist and deciding on the perfect look.

R/LGBTWeddings: Reddit Users talk same-sex wedding worries

While I love the idea of writing your own vows, I understand why couples who have been largely excluded from the marriage arena for centuries would love to have a sense of tradition on their big day. However, the wording in traditional ceremonies can be heteronormative and ultimately problematic for same-sex or non-gender binary couples, but … Continue reading R/LGBTWeddings: Reddit Users talk same-sex wedding worries