Same Sex Weddings

Not to discredit any of the works of Wedding planners as all I know are very broad-minded; but I believe that some Wedding planners and the Wedding industry as a whole have some very damaging hetero-normative practices that we need to get rid of.
From Wedding contracts that ask for the ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ signatures, to planners who outright ignore one party because they believe the more effeminate one is the ‘Bride’ and therefore engages with the process more- planning a Wedding can be even more stressful and worrying for same-sex couples.

From Karen, with love understands that all couples are individuals, and would never enforce a one-size-fits-all weddings on any of my clients. I have cultural weddings, same-sex weddings, religious weddings, and non-traditional weddings and would never assume the same practices for any of those.

From Karen, with love even has a specific local recommended supplier list which is deemed ‘Gay-friendly’- something many of my couples are shocked but pleased to find out. Many of the suppliers are part of the LGBT+ community and understand how to accommodate couples who do not fit into the rigid gender stereotypes that the Wedding industry often requires them to!

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