Why we didn’t hire a planner- but we should have!

When I hear this, I understand the concern of the couple- every couple is on a tight budget and it can even be stressful to attempt to make that stretch for the necessities! But that is the reason why hiring a Wedding planner, even as a partial planner to help you with venue and supplier sourcing, (something which I offer) can help you save money- AND WE DO!
We can tell you what is necessary to buy in full, what you can hire, what you can find at discount price, and what we can help pull a few strings to help you get at a markdown rate.

Many Planners are expensive, vague, and intimidating but that’s why I offer pick ‘n’ mix individual services (3 for £150) to allow couples who are working that tight budget to hire me for the really relevant issues that suit their needs.

Of course you don’t! and you wont. You will have control of your wedding and the day itself, but you won’t have to deal with all the (potentially) irritating facets that you didn’t expect.

Finding trustworthy suppliers who reply to your calls, send contracts over promptly, and are available to talk when you need them is difficult and can take hours of combing through lists.

Not knowing what to ask suppliers is a common issue among couples who choose to fully plan their own wedding. I have had couples who have come to me before in a last-minute panic as they had assumed their cake designer charged per tier, but actually charged per slice. Or a bride who contacted hair stylists for quotes, but did not ask if they charged differently for up-dos. From Karen with Love remembers the ‘what, why, who, and where’s’ so that you can relax into the planning.

I understand that people have family members who help them, but that can become tricky very fast. I love working with families- I get stuck in with DIY, I can organise family dinners so we can fully discuss elements that include the entire gang- but I know that couples don’t want to become a burden on family members Especially on the day, you don’t want mum or brother running around trying to get suppliers and vendors in the right place at the right time when they really just want a nice drink!

No- your venue has a wedding coordinator. They are amazing at their jobs, and help you with logistical issues regarding your venue but ultimately, they’re there for the venue’s purpose. They wont provide a full timeline of your day, or create supplier and vendor appointments with you, nor will they be there with an emergency bridal kit on the day- bustling with your wedding dress and pinning boutonnieres on the men.

So while the job titles might be similar, the job role is incredibly different- and while I can be there from 8am-11pm (I do a maximum of 15 hours), the venue coordinator is there when you get there, and gone by the time the cake has been cut.

No one expects you to hand over your wedding to a planner. You should absolutely be in charge of the planning- and any good wedding planner would want you to be. It is your vision, and your story; but we understand that not every part of wedding planning is fun.
So that you can enjoy food and cake tasting, venue searching, DIY decorations, or whatever you wish, From Karen with Love takes over the tough parts.

Having a specific vision is why people hire wedding planners. We know how to seamlessly create a theme, a vision, a story, and a day so that you can marvel at it. We never steer you in a different direction, and actually push you to dive further into the experience and into the romance of planning your big day!

Contrary to popular belief; you do not need to be stressed or headless to plan the perfect wedding, and you don’t need to argue with loved ones or your fiance. I love romance, and I love love and will do everything in my power to avoid anything negative touching your beautiful day!