Recommended Supplier: Knife of Brian

Finding a caterer that is not only adaptable and understanding of your needs, but who is exciting and innovative isn't as easy as it sounds. However, Suffolk-based Brian Pow lives for the trade and for the food, and it translates. From his mouth-watering recipes on his blog to his excellent barbecue catering, he's the perfect chef for a large summer event or wedding- and he comes complete with glowing testimonials!

Wedding Inspo

Social Media Manager and Blogger, Ashleigh Hamman has graced From Karen, with Love's blog to talk dream weddings...if money was no obstacle! She talks Disney World, Princess Kate, and Boomting Bunting- come check it out!

From Karen, with Love’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gifts that don’t suck!

Wedding Gifts can be a source of anxiety for many guests when they aren't presented with a gift wish-list by the intended newlyweds! Us guests are guilty of falling back to safety nets like champagne, gift cards, or even kitchen appliances! How about actually spoiling the happy couple with something they can cherish forever and that doesn't totally suck?! Check From Karen, with Love's ultimate picks for all sorts of couples.

Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner: Understanding what and who you’ve booked.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had couples who have turned down wedding planning services because their venue has an in-house coordinator and then regretted it. Your venue coordinator and wedding planner work perfectly together to ensure your wedding day is stress-free, fun, in your complete vision, and better than your hopes and dreams. Understanding the difference between a wedding planner & a venue coordinator can help avoid a lot of disappointment and frustration.

Sláinte is táinte!- Irish Wedding Traditions to feature on your big day

We all know the Irish are incredibly patriotic, and live in tradition- and rightly so after centuries of having their cultural identities erased and disputed. If you or your partner are Irish, or of Irish descent and proud, you might want to showcase some of these amazingly beautiful, historic, and downright lucky traditions on your wedding day.

5 (Easily Forgotten) Things to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Author: Georgia Rachael Photography. Booking yourself a wedding photographer is a big deal and probably one of (if not the) most influential parts of your big day. A lot of Brides think they’ve got it all figured out and know exactly what they’re looking for in style, price and coverage from their dream tog. But there’s a few surprising things that a lot of us forget to consider.

Wedding Photos of the Month – (February)

10. Golden Days Photography  9. Andy Gaines Photography 8. Jordan Voth Photography  7. Theilen Photography 6. Eden Willow Photography  5. Bruno Rezza Photography  4. Jordan Voth (again) 3. The Kitcheners Photography  2. Wertvoll Fotographie  1. Jordan Voth Photography (yes, i know...again!)